Reducing Waste & Carbon Footprint

The products we make are not mass-produced. Rather, we carefully plan beforehand what can be made from a salvaged tree branch in order to minimize waste, since greenwood is very scarce on our islands. The wood chips resulting from the process are used for mulch.

In the crafting of the products, we mainly use hand tools that have been in use from ancient times, for instance, an axe, gouge and knife. The methods used in the crafting of our products are a result of knowledge and experience passed down along the generations.

Since the process of making our wooden products does not involve the use of power tools, they naturally take longer to make; however, the resulting carbon footprint is very low due to the absence of use of electrical power. Our woodenware is crafted mostly in natural light, in order to reduce the use of electrical lighting.

Most of the tools that we use are made by individual toolsmiths or family-run smithies and therefore, their process waste is not the same as that resulting from an industrial process.