Product List

The following list represents some of the product types that we make, together with a brief description.

Sugar and Salt Spoons

These spoons are characterised by their small size, intended to be left in their lidded container or bowl. They are usually made from a bent branch and the knob at the end of the handle makes it easier to pull the spoon out of the container. Make sure that the one you want fits in your container – ask us for the length of the spoon before ordering!

Mini Scoops

Intended to scoop up spices, grains or seeds, these scoops can be short or long-handled. The short-handled versions are intended to be left in a sealed bag or lidded container. If you fancy one of these, make sure that the one you want fits in your container – ask us for the length of the scoop before ordering!

Caddy Scoops

These scoops are recognizable by their relatively short handles in order to fit in a lidded container, caddy or bag.

Ask for the length of product before ordering, to make sure it fits in your caddy!

Leaf Tea Scoops

These scoops are similar to caddy scoops, but are smaller in size. The shape of the bowl is designed to dig into and scoop up the dried tea leaves. Before ordering a scoop, check with us for its length. Make sure it fits in your container.

Cawl Spoons

These are eating spoons and are recognized by their large oval-shaped bowl, oriented more or less at right angles to the handle. Traditionally, it was used for supping cawl, which is a typical Welsh dish, consisting of a broth made from vegetables and meat.

Butter Spreaders

This tool is made from straight-grained wood. Its shape is similar to that of a straight spatula, however it is intended to “shave” off traditional type butter and facilitate spreading over bread or crackers.


Stirrers are spoons that are suited mostly for preparing tea, particularly from tea bags, brewed in a deep cup or mug. The shape is ideal for squeezing teabags against the side of the cup.

Wood Pegs

Made from straight-grained wood and mostly used for resealing paper or plastic bags or temporarily binding sheets of paper notes together.

Trekking, Bushcraft & Camping

Compact wooden products intended to save space whilst on the move.

Wonky Woodenware

Wooden utensils of a particular form, arising from the direction of grain or natural twist of the branch from which they are made. They may be surprisingly ergonomic, depending on whether the user is right or left-handed. Therefore, it is advisable to try them out before purchasing!

Large Spoons

These larger-than-usual spoons are made in limited quantities, depending on the wood available. They have either a large bowl or very long handle for reaching into deep pots or stirring into extra large pans.