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The word Sloyd* is a Nordic word, loosely translated as ‘ingenious craft’. In woodcraft, it involves creating useful objects taking into account the nature of greenwood and using the direction of the wood grain to one’s advantage.

*Sloyd is written Slöjd in Swedish.


Our products are all handmade using edge tools and therefore the tool marks are visible. They are not removed by sanding down because the carved facets impart a rustic personality characteristic to the products.


We make functional objects from tree branches that have been pruned or that have fallen off the tree. In their processing, the resulting carbon footprint is very low due to the absence of use of electrical power. Almost every part of the branches is utilised in order to minimize waste.

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We are a small business based in the Maltese Islands. Our products are crafted from greenwood from tree branches that have fallen off or that have been pruned.

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